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Partnerships and Philanthropy Officer

Priscilla is a young leader who values integrity, excellence, and selflessness. She is a bachelor’s degree holder in Business Administration from Ashesi University. After graduation, she worked with Ecobank Ghana Ltd for her national service, as an operations officer where she handled bank transfers, clearing of cheques, supplies management, documentation, and many other tasks. She started a cosmetic business while in university and sold products to a wide range of people. Her love for haircare and skincare enables her to offer help to people struggling in those areas. Before joining CorpsAfrica, she headed a branch of Save a Soul Foundation where she and her team taught high schoolers leadership, entrepreneurship, and public speaking. Outside of work, Priscilla spends time reading books, singing, teaching children choreography, watching videos on skincare and haircare, and serving in her church. She’s passionate about self-discovery and the development of the youth in particular. She believes that everyone is unique and has something great to offer the world. Unless it is discovered, one’s true potential remains hidden.