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Felix Orwaka is an exceptional professional, a beacon of hope in the Field of Social Work and Community Development. With a robust foundation in his field, coupled with certificates in Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and reconciliation, Leadership and governance, Entrepreneurship, and many others. Felix is a catalyst for positive change. His unwavering commitment to youth, women, and community development is fueled by his belief in the power of unity and a shared development agenda. Throughout his career, Felix has honed his skills in Human-Centered Development, monitoring, and evaluation, a methodology that empowers communities to identify their unique needs and aspirations as well as put them into practice. Felix’s passion extends beyond words, as he has spent over six years working closely with urban populations, particularly in Nairobi informal settlements such as Mathare, Kibira, Dandora, Korogocho, Kayole, and others in Kenya. He has witnessed the challenges young people face and has dedicated himself to building their confidence, life skills, and community engagement. Felix Orwaka is a true bridge-builder, dedicated to promoting peace, reconciliation, and unity among diverse communities. His work has touched countless lives in Kenya, the Horn of Africa, and at the global level, making him an accomplished leader and a powerful force for positive change. In every community he engages with, Felix’s mission remains clear: to care for and contribute to the betterment of society.