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Lalisa Rogicha Eya was born in Ethiopia, Oromia region, Guji zone. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering, from Jimma University, Jimma Institute of Technology (JIT). Before joining CorpsAfrica, Lalisa worked in Nagelle town water supply and sewerage service enterprise. Besides that, he served as a Volunteer in Utulu villages, teaching high school students and participating in some activities in the community such as cleaning the environment and helping elders & disabled people and he is excited to be a first cohort CorpsAfrica Volunteer in Ethiopia. In his free time, he enjoys reading, drawing, playing the keyboard and guitar, swimming, and playing volleyball. Beyond his professional life, Lalisa’s passions include assisting rural communities with clean Water supply, Environmental protection and he has the desire to make a positive impact with different values such as empathy, and resilience He also believes in the quote “Wonni diqqoon nuuti hardha hojjannu, jijjiirama guddaa bor dhufuuf bu’uura teeti” which means the little things we do today, will be the basis for the big changes to come tomorrow; This quote highlights the idea that by integrating with the community and facilitate them to use their resources and skills to do a small scale, high impact project, Volunteers can achieve sustainable development in their community.