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Daouda Sagna was born in the region of Bignona and lived in Ziguinchor. He has had a bachelor’s degree since 2010. and worked for the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) in Ziguinchor as a relay. His job was to help the displaced population because of the conflict in Casas to have an income-generating activity by distributing seeds for the crops with regard to the returned population. In addition to that, he tracked the funding granted by the ICRC to unreturned populations. He intervened as a volunteer and helped the Senegalese Red Cross in Ziguinchor in large-scale events. Also, he was a Hygienist Animator in relation to the construction of latrines in Ziguinchor, and a Monitor of the educational community since 2014. In 2016, he worked as a volunteer at the YMCA in a program called ICS (International Citizen Service). In this program, he organized chats in neighborhoods and in villages on diseases. Outside the Red Cross, he worked for five years in a processing unit of nuts, cashews, and apple juice (SCPL). But also, he kept a foal for six years at home.