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Thibaut Sagna is from the Ziguinchor region, Bignona department, Mangagoulack commune, Affiniam village. He is a Master 2 student in the Sociology section of the UFR (Training and Research Unit) of Letters and Human Sciences of the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis. After two years of training in general sociology, he chose development sociology as an option. Training in this option, beyond general sociology, boils down to the analysis of public development policies in Senegal, an introduction to various development issues including the analysis of development practices and strategies, the development of local/territorial, sustainable development, land management tools such as local planning, social and environmental assessment. His research work is oriented toward 2019 to obtain the Bachelor’s degree in sociology in the study of the capacity building of farmers as part of practical agricultural training in the department of Bignona. The main objective of this research was to identify the impact of capacity building of farmers on the development of agriculture in the department. Today, as part of the writing of his Master 2 dissertation, he is more interested in the issue of climate change, particularly in family farming. His research question is as follows: What are the adaptation strategies developed by family farms in the municipality of Mangagoulack to deal with their vulnerability in an increasingly fragile environmental framework? Thibaut is also passionate about choir singing and always responds where the need arises. He attended quite a few choirs, in particular the choirs of Affiniam, Bignona, and today of Gaston Berger University where the title of Choir Master was awarded to him by the College of Choir Masters. He also participated in the animation of the mass of the 131st edition of the Marian de Popenguine pilgrimage in 2019. He contributed to the creation of the JRCB (Jeunesse Ressortissante Catholique de Bignona) of which he was the first President. A Catholic action movement that works for the smooth running of the Church of Bignona in general. Active in his native village, Thibaut Sagna is recognized for his ability to mobilize around the common interest. Thibaut considers his volunteering at CorpsAfrica as a laboratory of living together through a gift of self for the homeland.