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I respond to the name of Marième Sagne, I am from the Fatick region. I did all my primary, middle, and secondary studies in this region. After my baccalaureate in 2015, I continued my higher education at the Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor in human sciences more specifically Geography. After obtaining my degree, I enrolled in a Masters in Environment and Development. During my second year of my master’s, I met the NGO International Mercy Ships with which I trained in agroecology, adaptation to climate change, and processing of local products. During this training, these acquired new skills such as new agroecological and adaptation techniques, training also in nutrition, and transformation of local products into juice, yogurt, and cereals. My passion has always been fixed on the environment, which has always motivated me to continue my studies but also to develop my skills in this area. My motto is “Geography, my passion, the environment, my field of investigation”. At the start of my remarks, I said that I studied in public schools in Senegal, which largely justifies my volunteer service, an act of accountability. It is in a desire to serve my country with dignity like any citizen, to share my experience, a gift of self, to learn from my community but above all for my personal development. My wish for this year is that at the end of my service, I will actively participate in the development of my community through the mobilization of local resources. More generally, to make my contribution and help in decision-making in terms of community development.