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Abdul-Fatawu Salifu, based in Tamale, Northern Ghana, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Nutrition from The University for Development Studies. He specializes in child welfare, particularly in monitoring growth and advising mothers on proper feeding practices. Since 2017, Abdul-Fatawu has volunteered with organizations like Hope for Future Generations and Savana Signatures, focusing on youth-led initiatives, including combatting infectious diseases and advocating for women and youth empowerment. He has also taken a lead role in implementing projects addressing child marriage and providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services for adolescent girls and young women. Additionally, Abdul-Fatawu serves as an advisory member, providing technical support for young people’s meaningful involvement in high-level meetings with the United Communities Delegation. Driven by a passion for learning and gaining new experiences, Abdul-Fatawu joined CorpsAfrica/Ghana to further his personal and professional development while positively impacting communities. His diverse experiences and dedication to various causes highlight his commitment to positive societal change.