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Abibatou Assetou Koura Tamba



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  • Senegal_G6-2022-2023
A graduate of ESEA (Higher School of Applied Economics ex ENEA) Dakar-Senegal, Abibatou Assétou Koura TAMBA SANGARE is an economic planning and organizational management engineer. She is also a technician specializing in horticultural production from the Higher Institute of Local Development (ISDL). In addition, she is certified in Business and Entrepreneurship from CRL Yali-Dakar. She also won the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) program during the 7th Cohort. Aware of the essential meaning of technology in today’s world, this Senegalese-Malian decided to share her digital knowledge with rural communities as a Digital Ambassador as part of the African Development Bank program, led by Synapse U. After seeing numerous GIEs accompany them in the development of their activities for the valorization of the resources of our territory, she is now committed as a volunteer to CorpsAfrica to facilitate community development based on available resources and above all development led by the communities through human-centered design. Indeed, this sense of citizen commitment has made her a spokesperson for civic service which is a complement of added values in terms of education and the preparation of citizens for republican values, having a high civic spirit, a sense of responsibility, and commitment to national construction. This commitment is what pushed him to go to the depths of Senegal to serve and do his part like the COLIBRI as it has been instilled in him since his integration into the RASYD. A lover of nature and concerned about the degrading environmental situation that affects the environment of our planet, she is counted among the members of Nebeday-Community and UN1FY to fight against this scourge. Always interested in prison life, Abibatou is constantly active in facilitating the social and professional reintegration of former prisoners with the intention of reducing the recidivism rate and combating growing insecurity. As Vice-President of this organization, she works daily in a resolute manner in the projects of African integration which involves the emergence of conscious youth imbued with the desire to think and drive a new model of development. of their continent based on the values and specificities of Africa. Concerned by the sinister situation characterized by extreme poverty which prevails in African societies south of the Sahara and generally throughout Africa despite the multiple recovery efforts made by governments, Abibatou, and her peers then found it necessary to put in place a pan-African organization called African Youth Organization (AYO) and currently exists in twenty-six (26) African countries.