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Executive Assistant

With over 5 years of combined experience in the creative, corporate, and NGO industries, Mariama Sanyang brings a diverse skill set to every project. Holding a BSc degree in Information Systems, a Diploma in Project Management, and a Certificate in Effective Business Communication, Mariama has demonstrated expertise in various roles throughout her career. Beginning as an Article Writer in 2017, she transitioned through roles such as Office Secretary and Data Entry Clerk, acquiring organizational skills and proficiency in data management. Her venture into marketing in 2021 as a Marketing Specialist showcased her strategic thinking, while her role as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communications Officer in 2022 demonstrated her ability to blend communication skills with project management. Mariama’s expansion into social media management and qualitative research further enriched her skill set, culminating in her leadership role as a Marketing and PR Manager in 2023. Her notable contributions include serving as the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communications Officer for the Tekki-Fi Project " Make It In The Gambia" program funded by the European Union, aimed at addressing irregular migration root causes and fostering youth employment. Her role was instrumental in driving the project's success, particularly in impacting rural communities, returnees, women, and youths. Proficient in technology, multimedia, design, business, and social work, Mariama's versatility extends to qualitative data research, a skill honed during her involvement in the GIZ-ECOWAS Gambia pilot project in 2022.