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ALIOU SENE is from the region of DIOURBEL. He is passionate about volunteering and humanitarian issues. It was at DIOURBEL that he did all his school studies until he graduated from L2 in 2010 when he joined the Geography Department of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. Geography and computer science are the two disciplines to which he directed his studies. Thus, after a Bachelor’s degree in human geography at UCAD, he obtained a professional degree in Geomatics at the School Of Development (EDD) in 2017. The training courses in computer science allowed him to have certified skills in office computing, computer graphics, multimedia, survey, and data processing in addition to those acquired in geographic information systems (GIS) and cartography. Between 2012 and 2014, he participated in surveys, studies, and mapping work on behalf of NGOs and consulting firms. In the drawing to continue my dream, in 2015, as a volunteer, he joined the association Saafara Hepatitis Senegal to support the dissemination of information on hepatitis in Senegal via NICT. Since 2017, he worked freelance in the field of community management. Beyond humanitarian work, he is interested in issues of local development, geopolitics, security, and conflict resolution. Literature is part of his passions and he is doing well in writing.