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Salah Sguenfle is from Tiznit City, Aday village, where he was born and raised. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in English Studies at IBN ZOHR University. Salah participated in multiple programs, such as the SIS program (Social Innovative Student Program), where he developed his leadership skills and expanded his knowledge of teamwork, time management, and self-development. He also improved his English language skills, both written and spoken forms, in the Access Program. Salah has participated in university clubs and activities where he learned the basics of theatre and public speaking. While a student, he also got his first experience teaching kids and adults. Salah is interested in sports, teaching, and discovering new things. Salah is an alumnus of the CorpsAfrica program in Morocco cohort 6 (2021-2022). This experience helped him a lot to expand his networking. Being assigned to a rural area, he was eager to give something back by collaborating with organizations and funding projects for his hometown. As a result, he implemented a primary project for his community Guest house.