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Ladislas Sibomana is a Rwandan holding a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Rwanda College of Sciences and Technology (former KIST) obtained in 2015 and a diploma in Political Party Development, Public Policies, Good Governance, and Social Networking from Rwanda Youth Political Leadership Academy obtained in 2016. He is proficient in facilitation, public and team management, leadership, and community development. He has been involved in community development and related activities since February 2011. He started by facilitating people with disabilities in their right, avoiding HIV/AIDS, and small business development in his birthplace, Kirehe District eastern province. In 2013, Ladislas volunteered at, an online platform that provides information about new opportunities to facilitate web visitors and monitor the content. After graduating in 2015, he taught advanced-level classes in computer science at Sainte Thereza girls’ high school in Kayonza District for one year. From this, he got an opportunity to facilitate primary teachers to use xo laptops for six months with the support of the Rwanda Education Board via one laptop per child program. From September 2017 to August 2018, he worked as a Field Facilitator for Digital Opportunity Trust, DOT Rwanda, to facilitate digital skills delivery in communities, boost technology use as a tool in community lifestyles, facilitate the formation of local clubs, and mentor and coach local club leaders.