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Théogène Sibomana is a dedicated CorpsAfrica/Rwanda trainee who possesses a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from the University of Rwanda College of Agriculture, Animal Science, and Veterinary Medicine. During his academic journey, he gained practical experience by working as a librarian assistant at the Busogo campus. His passion for agriculture and community development led him to pursue a one-year professional internship with the Agronomist department of the Root Capital NGO. Additionally, he furthered his expertise in sales and marketing through a professional internship at Kenya Seed Company Ltd, in collaboration with the RDB (Rwanda Development Board). Theogene’s commitment to making a positive impact in his community is evident through his achievements. He was recognized for his outstanding project writing skills, receiving an award from the Kula Project. Furthermore, he contributed significantly to agricultural efforts by overseeing the establishment of a nursery with a capacity of one million and two hundred at MICOF Company Ltd. To enhance his skills and knowledge, Theogene obtained certification in the art of making compost and liquid fertilizer, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices. His dedication extended to land conservation, as he worked as a Site Technician in the CDAT project, where he played a crucial role in the implementation of terraces and ditches for effective land conservation. In summary, Theogene Sibomana’s academic qualifications, diverse internships, project awards, and hands-on experience in agriculture and land conservation underscore his passion for community development and his potential to contribute to Rwanda’s agricultural sector.