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Chancy Simba is a graduate of African Bible College, Malawi’s class of 2017. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. While at ABC, Chancy interned as an Assistant Sports Director for 3 years and some of the duties and responsibilities were to organize school sports and mini-Olympic events, look after all equipment, and organize and oversee other related sports events outside the campus. He also volunteered with the Ministry of Hope, which is an organization that helps and gives hope to needy children and orphans in different parts of Lilongwe by mentoring them and supporting their education. Chancy also attended a FIBA grassroots coaching course and multiple FIBA referees’ courses. He also worked with young athletes in developing their basketball skills for the past 8 years. To be part of CorpsAfrica this year is a great opportunity for him to impart the rural community and it’s a great honor to be here.