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Ibrahim Senihji was born in El Menzel, Sefrou. He is a student in economics at Mohammed Ben Abdellah University in Fez. He had a technical certificate in contracting and business management delivered by Injaze El Maghrib and Green Side as well as a diploma in accounting. He was a turbo activator and community activist with Green Side promoting entrepreneurship. Additionally, he holds a certificate as a trainer and educational activator from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He also had a certificate in English Communication. He had experience as an assistant to an accounting expert in Sefrou as well as experience in a call center in Rabat. He worked in several volunteering, scouting leader, and social work, he participated in several programs and projects organized by the Peace Corps, namely Model United Nations where he received an award for being the second-best delegate, and the Life Skills program. He loves practicing tennis, soccer, and Taekwondo. Ibrahim hopes to get an immersive experience from volunteering with CorpsAfrica and serving rural communities.