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Wongani Siula is a self-motivated community development worker who is passionate about helping the poor and underserved communities to realize their full potential and break out of the poverty cycle. He started his career when he joined Temwa Malawi as a Volunteer Field Support Officer in 2016 where he assisted in facilitating activities under Education, WASH, and Health projects. Subsequently, he became the Education Project Officer for the organization. During this period, he worked in liaison with the local structures that assessed and identified needy secondary school students to be included in the Nick Webber Trust scheme. He also advocated for the abolition of some cultural stereotypes that viewed girls as second-class gender in some development sectors such as education. Additionally, he promoted Early Literacy activities in which Temwa Malawi partnered with the Ministry of Education with funding from USAID. He also has experience working in HIV/AIDS initiatives for Project HOPE (One Community) and Malaria and Child Protection initiatives for World Vision Malawi. Wongani joined CorpsAfrica with the goal to collaborate with vulnerable and underserved communities to achieve their self-reliance. Wongani holds an Advanced Diploma in Community Development and a Bachelor of Social Science in Development Studies.