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Tante Oureye



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Tante Oureye Sonko, comes from Dakar, Senegal. A medical delegate since 2016, she also studied Law at the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. In 2015, her love for the environment pushed her to engage as a volunteer in the organization “Young Volontiers for Environment JVE SENEGAL.” At JVE, she worked on various projects like waste management, environmental education, community awareness programs on the protection of the environment, the design of projects through large and small actions, and capacity building for young people and women. She is also a member of the Senegalese Social Forum where she participated in the development of several capacity building and evaluation programs as well as workshops. She continues to have a passion for advocacy, civic engagement, the eradication of public health issues, community development assistance, and environmental protection.