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Maridia Kuvidana



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Maridia Kuvidana Sule comes from Zanwara in the North East Region of Ghana and is a graduate of the University for Development Studies, Tamale in the Northern Region where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Community Nutrition. She is a Registered Nutritionist and served as a National Service person at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. Maridia is currently serving in Gumo in the Kumbungu District and is a firm believer in rural potential. She aspires to be an International Nutrition Advocate. “Being a CorpsAfrica volunteer has not only helped me develop my capacity professionally but has also taught me the value of unity, belongingness, and small groups working to achieve their goals. Although life may seem rough for rural dwellers, they are much happier than we think. It is a privilege working with the community, the new family I have and also the support they provide me in all my activities in the community”, says Maridia.