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Tall Loum


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Born June 20, 1999, Moussa Tall Loum of his real name is from the city of Kaolack. In 2018, he obtained his baccalaureate in experimental sciences (S2) at the New High School of Kaolack, he was then directed in the same year to the Alioune Diop University of Bambey in the community health sector. He obtained his license there in March 2022, becoming a senior technician in community health. During these university years, Moussa has accumulated a lot of experience thanks in particular to internships in the health districts of Colobane in Dakar (2019) and Kasnack in Kaolack (2020 and 2021). During these years, he had to perform acts of care, be a supervisor for the CPS, participate in the care of patients, and finally carry out studies on the Chemoprevention of Seasonal Malaria (CPS) and the incidence of malaria. tuberculosis in the commune of kaolack, resulting in two reports. In 2020, with the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, he was one of the main players in the Covid response at the level of the municipality of Kaolack. Its crucial role revolves around counseling and follow-up of covid contact cases. Today motivated to serve his country, he joined CorpsAfrica Senegal as a volunteer. A new stage to discover and learn from communities as well as value their resources. The immersion stage already promises to be very interesting with the next learning on the cultures, the traditions of a community and which will make it possible to acquire a unique experience in community development.