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Rachelle Tendeng (Ms. Sagna) is from the Ziguinchor region, more precisely from Séléki, a village located in the Rural Community of Enampore. She is a graduate of Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA) and Social Sciences of Religions (SSR). ). She had the opportunity to attend two universities, the Assane SECK University of Ziguinchor where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in LEA (2011), and the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis where she obtained the Master’s degree in LEA ( 2014) and Master 2 in SSR (2017). Her professional experience includes being a Hostess at the Casamance Tourist Office (2011), Accounting Administrative Assistant, at WANEP/NGO (2012), Airport Security/Freight Agent at AIBD (2018-2019), and Assistant Commercial at FEDEX (2020). Life is not limited to studies and work, she has attended since childhood and until now (as soon as the opportunity arises) the youth movement Cœurs Vaillants – Ames Vaillantes (CV-AV). She is also a chorister/cantor. She is versatile and remains open to any work perspective, being convinced that we all have the talent to exploit and put to the benefit of others. We all have something to contribute to society. Today, with CorpsAfrica/Senegal, she wants to exploit her talents and put them to the benefit of others. She wants to contribute something to her society, Senegal, in community service, as a volunteer. With CorpsAfrica/Senegal, Rachelle wants to participate in the development of communities, to contribute to the development of her country, Senegal. She remains convinced that she could put her skills, qualities, and working abilities to good use within her host community. In addition, she also hopes during this service to acquire skills and practices in contact with recognized professionals.