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Rokhaya Tine, 25 years old, originally from the Dakar region, more specifically in the commune of Bargny. She specializes in Political Science and Public Policy Management at Cheikh Hamidou Kane University in Senegal. She studied Political Science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy Management. As well as two certified training courses in Structuring and management of associations and in Digital Marketing and Community Management. For her professional career, she was a facilitator and volunteer supervisor of political science and legal students in the seventh cohort of the Sébikotane open digital space from 2020 to 2023. Then she was Director of Human Resources for the company GLG-Company SARL, Génération Leader Groupe Company SARL is a multidimensional company operating in the field of the environment, ICT (Generation Leader LAB); construction (public works, etc.) with Génération Leader Bâtiment; in agriculture Generation Leader Agribusiness; in commercial marketing, distributor, training (Generation Leader Consulting); of Service provision with Génération Leader Business. Today, as a CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer, she sets the goal of serving her host community in order to have a positive impact. This immersion in the Community will be an opportunity for her to acquire new experiences that will enrich her experience. She considers this new door that opens with CorpsAfrica/Senegal as a godsend for getting involved in community development.