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Gorgui Ba



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Gorgui Ba Toure, a Senegalese from Passy Ngayene, Kaolack, is serving as an Exchange Volunteer in Malawi. He is active in social change and community development. Gorgui Ba (as his nickname) is part of a generation with an inherent sense of self. One who is inspired not only to talk about what needs to be changed but to get up and change it. Social change and civic engagement are vital necessities for all communities in their development processes. He is the founder of CHANGE, which is a civic association whose goal is to work for a better involvement of young people in the development processes of their communities through innovation, creativity, civic engagement and citizenship. CHANGE wants to inspire and empower young people to change their world. He is the general secretary of the Online Discussion Group (ODG) of Passy Ngayene. ODG is a partner of CHANGE, active in fundraising and partner research for financing local development projects. As a changemaker, he is the community relay of the National Domestic Biogas Program of Senegal (PNB-SN) in Passy Ngayene. This program provides rural households with bio-digesters for recycling organic waste into energy for cooking and lighting and into organic fertilizer for soil fertilization. PNB-SN is funded by the European Union and the State of Senegal and aims to tackle the destruction of the environment and climate change and contributes to improve the framework and living conditions of populations in rural areas. His skills in monitoring and project evaluation have made him a back office manager at West African Oils. At university, he was a member and co-founder of the Great Ideological Revolution for Student Satisfaction. He did his master’s thesis internship at the International Cooperation Center for Agronomic Research and Development (CIRAD, Dakar) on the proposal of methods for the management of polyvalent organic wastes in order to optimize their valorization. He holds Masters 2 in Sustainable Management of Horticultural Agroecosystems. He was the coordinator of the citizen movement of Passy Ngayene and for this occasion he had organized awareness programs on education, the early marriage of girls and the promotion of science education.