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Evalyne Tumuhimbise is a dedicated and passionate social worker with four years of working experience in diverse multi-disciplinary settings. She is currently serving as a CorpsAfrica/Uganda Volunteer based in Kigarama A cell, Maziba Sub-county in Kabale District. She holds a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Social Sciences (Minoring in Criminology and Majoring in Psychology) from Makerere University, Kampala. Evalyne has also excelled in different roles as a research assistant, data clerk, youth mentor and para-counselor, and receptionist. With a rich skill set, Evalyne has showcased a commitment to community well-being and proven her versatility and dedication to fostering social impact and community development through empowering individuals. Everyone’s strong interpersonal and communication skills, her excellent organizational and multi-tasking abilities and adaptability to thrive in diverse work environments have enabled her to actively engage in community outreach programs and collaborate with local organizations to address community issues. Evalyne hopes that through volunteering, she will be able to build resilience and enhance her knowledge base and that of community members while strengthening the sense of responsibility for their community.