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Jean Pierre Twizerimana was born and raised in Rwanda. He is a co-founder and member of the HingAMAFARANGA club which deals with agricultural extension aimed to achieve a green world and monetized farmer through undertaking pro-farmers research, extension, and community empowerment by operating market and advocacy for agricultural technologies and sustainable agro-income. He worked as a data enumerator in the program of Engendering Rural Transformation or Sustainable Development (ENTRUST) under Societal University Village Initiative (SUVI)/Musanze District and UR-Sweden program, the main focus of the program is to increase the understanding of rural transformation and its drivers using inter-disciplinary approach. Twizerimana holds a Bachelor of Sciences with Honors in Agribusiness from the College of Agriculture Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Rwanda, Class 2022. He served three months of professional internship as an Agro-dealer at SOZO Company in the field of distributing a Panner maize seeds variety in Northern Province. In 2021, He got an academic internship at DRD-gakondo (Developpement Rural Durable) which is a non-governmental organization operating in the Burera district and works for and with farmers in the area of agriculture, livestock, and other cross-cutting activities to address livelihood issues. He also worked as YEAN extension officer where he collaborated with Nyabihu community farmers to develop their wealth and standard of living through agriculture extension services. He also earned a certificate of appreciation for facilitating the HingAMAFARANGA Agri-talk Radio program of Energy Radio to energize farmers through agricultural extension in crop science, rural development, soil science, and climate change. Twizerimana is a value-driven professional, honest, and hard worker. He strives to make a sustainable impact with the minimum resources available to the employer or institution. He is also reliable, organized, and highly adaptive to new challenges and new environments. He possesses good interpersonal and communication skills and strives in high-pressure environments.