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Emmanuel Ugiringabire, a native of Kigali, Rwanda, has a diploma in travel and tourism from YMCA Institute KAMPALA. He has previous experience as a youth volunteer in public work and has worked in various roles in the hospitality industry, including local tour guiding and receptionist positions. He is interested in giving back to the community by volunteering at CorpsAfrica. During his CorpsAfrica service in Rwanda, Emmanuel worked with his community to nurture 3,540 tomato trees, 20,000 coffee plants, 10,000 avocados, and 470 mango trees in nursery beds. The efforts empowered 870 community members by providing income. Beyond the nursery bed, kitchen gardens sprouted, alleviating malnutrition and offering income to 334 families. Environmental conservation was also paramount. He also collaborated with the community to renovate 61 houses and 5 latrines, thereby safeguarding the community and ensuring safety and well-being.