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Dalida Uguyeneza was born in Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry with Education from the University of Rwanda’s College of Education. Prior to joining CorpsAfrica, She completed a professional internship at College de Gisenyi “Inyemeramihigo,” an excellent school in Rubavu District, where she assisted students with Biology and Chemistry studies. Dalida has participated in various training programs, including one on delivering peace and values education as part of the competence-based curriculum, organized by AEGIS Trust in collaboration with the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB). She also received training in leadership through EQUIP Rwanda, and she attended online courses on the Internet of Things in disaster management by the United Nations. In addition, she completed a one-month training program covering digital skills, leadership, digital marketing, and career development by the Global Transformers and Innovators for Development Academy (GTIDA). Dalida’s work experience includes a part-time role as a data entry worker at Karambo Health Center and volunteering as a customer care representative in the Kanama Sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. She possesses strong communication skills, adaptability, teamwork, resilience, active listening, and conflict-resolution skills. Dalida is passionate about serving her community and believes in empowering people to discover their untapped potential and knowledge to build a better future through capacity building and sustainable development.