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Gisele Umuhire holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Saint Lawrence University. She was born and raised in Rwanda until she moved to Uganda to pursue her studies at the university. Before joining CorpsAfrica, she worked as a data collector at the Center for Economics and Social Studies (C.E.S.S.) where she worked on different surveys, including Rwanda’s long-term savings scheme baseline survey, forest and ecosystem services baseline survey, urban sanitation study in Kigali, finis-cope Rwanda survey, Feed the Future feedback population-based survey, and the evaluation of UNHCR’s implementation of strategies for child protection, sexual gender-based violence in refugee camps in Rwanda. She is also a specialist in meat processing (charcuterie). Gisele believes that being part of CorpsAfrica is an opportunity for her to give back to society by making small changes that will make a big impact in rural communities. She is very concerned with protecting the environment for sustainable development.