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Apronie Uwajeneza was born in the eastern province of Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Cooperative Management and Accounting from the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (Class of 2021). Before attending her college, she volunteered with helping people make bricks, build houses, and learn how to prepare a balanced diet. She is passionate about supporting and finding solutions for needy people, during her studies at college she was a part of a group that started an initiative to promote saving culture. She studied Cooperative Management and Accounting to continue helping people by sensitizing them, working together, and using their own resources for their socio-economic development. Prior to joining CorpsAfrica, she completed a professional internship at Union des Cooperative de Muvumba (UCORIVAMU), where she learned how to work with communities, and helped them to find solutions in the cooperative. She believes that being a CorpsAfrica volunteer will help her accomplish and meet her dream of facilitating community and being a catalyst to their development.