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Clémence Uwamutarambirwa was born and raised in Rwanda. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Management at the University of Lay Adventist of Kigali, with an expected graduation year of 2024. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Agroforestry from the University of Rwanda. Clémence has also completed short courses on the Internet of Things (IoT) through UN WOMEN training at the Catholic University of Rwanda. As a Rwandan woman, she has developed the Smart Potato Greenhouse Technology (SPGT), a mobile app designed to boost agriculture. She is passionate about agriculture, nature conservation, community development, and engaging in humanitarian activities. During her undergraduate studies, Clémence undertook an internship in the agriculture and forest sector in Musanze District. She also participated in surveys for the Regreening Africa project with ICRAF (World Agroforestry), using mobile apps for data collection. Additionally, she received training in project planning, management, and financial management through the GIZ Incubator and Accelerator Facility program. She attended the Global Leadership Summit in 2017 and underwent various GIZ training programs at Farmer Business School in Musanze District and Busogo Sector, as well as round and sawn timber grading at Ultimate Forest Company in Nyanza District. Clémence also completed Smart Africa training in ICT4 Agriculture and volunteered with various associations, including RFNCSA, RUCCB, and ISTF Rwanda. Furthermore, Clémence is a co-founder of Hope Woodworking and Design Company Ltd (HOWDC Ltd), a company specializing in furniture design and production. She has participated in a professional internship at Kwigira for Management and Environment, where she assisted with data recording, tree nursery management, tree plantation, terraces, and site preparation. Additionally, she completed a professional internship at SPF-IKIGEGA (Seed Potato Fund), where she assisted with greenhouse activities and potato seed storage. Clémence believes that becoming a CorpsAfrica Volunteer is a way to fulfill her dreams of serving the community and facilitating community development through HCD/ABCD approaches.