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Jacqueline Uwase is a dedicated young professional with a deep passion for improving agricultural production. Born in Rwanda, she currently resides in Nyabihu. In 2023, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Rwanda. Jacqueline’s journey into agriculture began with an academic internship in the Nyabihu District Department of Agricultural Unit, where she gained invaluable experience in nursery bed formation and kitchen garden cultivation. She also contributed to her community by working as a data enumerator for an Early Childhood Development (ECD) project in Ngororero District, aimed at registering children and their parents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacqueline demonstrated her commitment to serving the community through active involvement in infection prevention and control initiatives. She is determined to utilize her experiences to launch projects that benefit local communities and potentially extend their impact abroad. Jacqueline is an active participant in various initiatives geared toward uplifting the lives of people in the poorest communities.