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Marine Uwineza was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a diploma degree in Information Technology from Rwanda Polytechnic College (IPRC). She also served as the Minister in Charge of Planning and Production at IPRC KARONGI. Prior to that, she worked as an underwriter at SANLAM AG PLC. In 2020-2021, Marine served as a youth volunteer. In addition to her professional experiences, she attended various training sessions, events, and conferences. Notably, she participated in the Sinapis training, which is a global community that combines intensive training with faith-based principles and provides access to capital, thereby making a positive impact on the community by scaling businesses. She also engaged in the Digital Upskill program, which offers training resources for relevant and valuable digital skills to ensure the workforce can keep pace with digital transformation. Moreover, she took part in the CYBERTECHAFRICA Conference, which brought together individuals from the business, innovation, tech, and cyber ecosystems. Marine also attended Youthconnect/Rwanda, an initiative that aims to strengthen the African youth empowerment ecosystem by providing technical and financial resources, sharing knowledge, and promoting national ownership of the youth’s socio-economic transformation agenda. During this event, she received an award for her innovative project related to smart irrigation. Marine’s lifelong mission is to initiate and foster developmental skills and career opportunities, both professional and practical, in rural and urban communities. Her goal is to add value to their well-being, enable self-reliance, and contribute to development across various fields.