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Jeannette Uwiringiyimana was born in Rwanda. She received a Mastercard Foundation Scholarship through a partnership with FAWE Rwanda as a result of her strong academic performance, which allowed her to study mathematics, physics, and computer science at FAWE Girls School Gisozi. Later, she earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors in computer and software engineering at the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology. She completed an academic internship as an IT intern at the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) and also participated in software development training courses provided by SolvitAfrica. Additionally, she took part in an AKAZIKANOZE program on business development while working as a receptionist at the Nyarusange Health Center, which helped her improve her communication abilities. During her time in college, she served as the principal editor for the Tuseme Club and as the coordinator and advisor for Mastercard Foundation Scholars. She became a CorpsAfrica Volunteer because of her passion for community development.