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Ange Diane



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Ange Diane Uwisanze was born in Rwanda. She graduated with honors in Agricultural Economics from the College of Science of Animals and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM). During her academic journey, she had the opportunity to undertake an internship at Bella Flowers, a private company, where she gained insights into Agricultural Production Economics. Her role involved overseeing the production and processing of rose flowers for international and local markets. Her career development took a significant step when she joined DOT Rwanda as an intern, serving as a Digital Champion and Business Coach. In this capacity, she facilitated the “Daring to Shift” program, empowering nearly 80 young entrepreneurs with digital and business skills. This experience not only honed her leadership abilities but also solidified her role as a community facilitator. Subsequently, she joined BRAC Rwanda as a Credit Officer for Agricultural Loans. This role allowed her to collaborate closely with smallholder farmers in rural areas, gaining an in-depth understanding of their value chains. She provided them with financial assistance and coached them on effective saving practices, contributing to their overall development.