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Anny Benilde



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Anny Benilde Uwonkunda was born in Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics, class 2018. Her present career goal is to look for solutions for the betterment of her society. During her time at the University, she was a school representative and acted as Vice Speaker of the Board of Representatives, where her duties were all about advocacy for her colleagues on different issues. She carried out her academic internship at Rulindo District Headquarters. During her studies, she was a volunteer in Never Again Rwanda (NAR) and also in Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing. Apart from that, she attended different pieces of training, events, and summits, such as training on critical thinking and human rights from NAR, training on leadership (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), infectious disease management (IDM), Job Net Event, Global leadership, and Youth Connect Africa Summits. Before joining CorpsAfrica, she was an intern at DOT Rwanda as a Digital Ambassador where her responsibilities were all about facilitating digital skills through delivering DAP training/content to citizens and ensuring the application of digital literacy skills by the citizens into their livelihoods and acting as catalysts of change in her community. She believes that what she is doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop, therefore she hopes that being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer will help her to be part of the change that she wants to see and leave a legacy to people’s heart.