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Diato Yeboah


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  • Ghana_G2-2023-2024
Asantewah Yeboah Diato is a committed professional in the field of nutrition, holding a certification as a Nutritionist and earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Nutrition from the University for Development Studies in 2021. In the same year, she was an intern at Tamale Central Hospital as a Nutrition Officer. She has the knowledge and abilities needed to handle issues related to community health thanks to her academic and professional experience. In 2022 she was instrumental in overseeing actions that improved the efficacy of numerous projects while working as a field enumerator for organizations like JICA, WFP, and GIZ. Her active participation on the ground demonstrated both her knowledge and her practical approach to making a positive impact. She began her journey in the field of community development before joining CorpsAfrica by working as an intern at the Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency (SWIDA GH), a local non-profit organization in 2023, where she actively participated in community development initiatives such as women empowerment and socioeconomic development, advocacy on SGBV, food demonstrations to promote food and nutrition security in communities. With a foundation based on professional experience, enhanced by real-world experiences, Asantewah Yeboah Diato continues to exemplify a commitment to community well-being and development as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer.