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Zahra Ibdar


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  • Morocco_G7-2022-2023
Fatima Zahra Ibdar from Tata was born in Akkaighane, where she studied primary and secondary. She obtained her BA in Sociology from Ibn Zohr University Agadir. In 2018, she worked as a women’s teacher in the context of literacy with the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, in Tata. In 2019, she conducted support lessons for primary students at home. She also worked as a non-formal education teacher at the Child Protection Center in Agadir. Fatima has been a social activist since she was young, where she grew up in the Al-Amal association, she practiced theater, singing, and other activities. Now she is a member of the New Code Foundation for Youth. Fatima loves learning and teaching, as well as theater and animation, and she tries to develop her skills in this field, and also tries to learn new skills such as graphic design and voiceover as well as learning new languages. She is now with CorpsAfrica because she likes volunteer work and wants to give everything in her effort to help others. She believes that: “in volunteering, there are a thousand lives. في التطوع ألف حياة”