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Sulemana Zakaria is driven by a vision of a world characterized by equal opportunities for all genders and devoid of any manifestations of sexual and gender-based violence. He brings a wealth of expertise with a background in Media and Communication from Tamale Technical University. Before joining CorpsAfrica as a volunteer, Zakaria has worked with local non-governmental organizations and media outlets, assuming a pivotal role in increasing awareness concerning climate change, human rights violations, encompassing issues like defilement, rape, and child marriage. His thought-provoking feature articles, address the formidable challenges encountered by women, rural communities, and marginalized individuals, including people living with disabilities and those often labeled as witches, have graced the pages of esteemed national media platforms such as the Daily Graphic, Daily Guide, and Ghanaweb. In 2022, he led a successful petition campaign against the management of Tamale Teaching Hospital, resulting in the prompt repair of a dysfunctional CT Scan machine, thereby demonstrating the tangible impact of his advocacy.