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Fouad Ziadi has a diverse educational and professional background. He holds a scientific baccalaureate and has pursued a parallel study of English literature, earning a license in the subject. In addition to his literary training, he has also obtained a diploma in electrical engineering with a specialization in industrial maintenance. This unique combination of studies has equipped Fouad with practical competencies in the field of electricity and the maintenance of industrial equipment. He possesses the ability to solve technical problems efficiently and interpret complex electrical diagrams. With regard to his professional experience, Fouad has spent the last 5 years working in call centers that handle client fees. During this period, he has actively participated in various projects involving energy suppliers, telecom operators, CPF, insurance companies, and gathering donations for blind people. His responsibilities have included managing incoming calls, prioritizing and resolving issues, and delivering high-quality customer service. Through this experience, he has developed a strong attention to detail and gained expertise in providing effective solutions for customer needs. Fouad’s commitment to community involvement is demonstrated by his volunteer work at a non-profit organization that aims to empower communities by providing individuals with skills and resources to address their own needs. As a volunteer, he is dedicated to participating in community projects aimed at improving living conditions, promoting education, and fostering sustainable development. Fouad is a passionate, persistent, and driven individual who values making a positive difference in society. He is always seeking new opportunities to apply his knowledge, skills, and social engagement. Fouad finds fulfillment in educating others, collaborating on creative endeavors, and working alongside like-minded individuals to create lasting and impactful changes in the world. He is excited about the possibility of working with others who share the same values and aspirations to make a significant and lasting impact on the world. He hopes to get the most out of this experience including helping and developing rural communities in various aspects. Because by doing so, he is going to ensure that, the development is sustainable and will take place even after the work ends.