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Fatima Zoubair, hailing from the enchanting city of Ouarzazate in Morocco, is a visionary with a unique blend of creativity and expertise with a background in film and audiovisual production management. She’s currently a freelancer specializing in voiceover acting and video Making. On Instagram, she is a content creator, aiming to showcase Moroccan-Amazigh culture. Her journey includes dubbing work on the MBC5 channel and she has recently worked on the production crew of two international movies in Ouarzazate. Fatima is a passionate traveler, photographer, podcaster, and volunteer, deeply engaged in community activities. In the words of an ancient Moroccan proverb, “Lbess Qeddek I Watik,” Fatima’s life is a reflection of this philosophy. Everything in her world must fit “in her size” – from her lifestyle choices to the people she surrounds herself with, and the places she ventures to. A lesser-known fact about her is her deep passion for music and singing, which is another form of love for her.