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Community Bakery Project in Mont-Rolland


Site: Mont-Rolland, Tivaoune Department, Thiès Region


July 2018

- September 2018

Primary sector

project cost

3,524,059.15 XOF

(6,381.98 USD)

People impacted

1080 Directly

3000 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

The Community Bakery Project was chosen by the people of Mont-Rolland to address the community’s food requirements. 16 km from Thiès, the local women must wait at 6 am every day for bread deliveries from the city. There is often an insufficient supply, and the bread can be damaged in transport. The construction of a modern bakery in Mont-Rolland will allow the 18 villages of the commune to receive high quality, fresh bread each day. The community is ready to invest in this project. The Biyen women’s group will use their collective savings to contribute financially to the project, and the municipal authority will donate land for the bakery. The mayor has also agreed to contact the inventor of a semi-modern baking machine prototype, which won the national Prize for Technological Innovation in 2015. In terms of management, a project leader will be selected to oversee the selling and distribution process. 8 villages will initially be responsible for obtaining and distributing bread. Every two months this responsibility will fall to a new village, and the revenue will be shared among all. This system allows many people to gain experience and share the work. Additionally, local men with management experience have pledged to support the women. This project will benefit the community economically, as the bakery will produce jobs and become a source of income. At least 550 loaves of bread are purchased daily throughout the whole community, and with a new bakery, all of the money spent will stay in the community. Additionally, the modern technology associated with a new bakery is more hygienic than making bread the traditional way, improving its nutritional value.

Project Highlights

  • This project will initially impact over 1,000 people across 8 villages by improving the nutritional value of their food.

  • It is estimated that with the installation of the bakery the average annual income will be 17,520,000 FCFA ($31,663 USD). The women’s income will increase, in turn boosting food and financial security.

  • This project will also inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of the community, who will hopefully become motivated to contribute to the future development of their community.

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