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Goat Farming


Site: Akajevuba, Kayonza


December 2020

- December 2020

Primary sector

project cost

3,220,000 RWF

($3,191.43 USD)

People impacted

80 Directly

700 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

After receiving (HCD) and (ABCD) lessons and 6 weeks of discussion with the volunteer, the community decided to create an ambitious project that addressed supplementing income, bolstering agricultural productivity, providing important nutrients to improve health, and increasing education. However, Isaac aided the community in creating an achievable goal by narrowing their focus, which led the community to decide to repair the Nyabihanga-Kariha pipeline. During this project, Isaac acted as a point-person for the community and as an organizer of the project, as he consistently communicated with the community, prepared the project proposal, and finalized the budget.

Project Highlights

  • Water-borne illnesses and school dropout rates have both decreased

  • The community has access to cleaner, more accessible water that allows women and children to focus on activities and necessities other than retrieving water.

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