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Health Post


Site: Albadar Village, Bignona District, Ziguinchor Region


June 2022

- December 2022

Primary sector

project cost

13,778,000 cfa


People impacted

3204 Directly

6000 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

An immersion in the south of Senegal enabled us to observe the real difficulty of access to primary health care in rural areas.
to primary healthcare in rural areas. Indeed, the consequences of the pandemic combined with
accessibility, lack of transport, and shortage of staff have led the people of
the population of Albadar to initiate a project aimed at improving their living conditions
in terms of health and safety. It was found that most children and women and women in advanced stages of pregnancy are at great risk during vacation periods and it often happens that many of them experience misadventures such as injuries, fractures injuries, fractures, winter illnesses, home births, or evacuations that have been of which there have been 46 in the last five years. To this end, the population is now committed to building a health post to reduce the risks to which the population in general, and women in particular, are exposed. This will involve constructing two buildings to house the health staff who will be assigned to the village.
In addition, the premises that used to be used to care for the population will be enlarged with
the construction of two hospital wards and a pharmacy. This project aims to
facilitate access to primary healthcare for the population, with the availability of personnel
and equipment.

Project Highlights

  • To help improve health conditions for the people of the village of of Albadar.

  • Facilitate access to primary healthcare for the population of Albadar

  • Carry out administrative procedures for the assignment of a qualified health team

  • Build a health center to health post standards and rehabilitate the village maternity hospital

  • Equip the health post with sanitary equipment

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