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Peanut and Touba Coffee Processing Unit of Ndem


Site: Village of Ndem


August 2018

- October 2018

Primary sector

project cost

7,598,500 XOF


People impacted

60 Directly

482 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

After assisting the community in completing a Needs Assessment, Assane was able to apply design thinking to the results of the community input. Through meetings with the community, the gap in the ability to process peanuts and coffee became apparent. The project of creating processing capacity was deemed crucial to create a sustainable source of income for the community. This initiative was to be controlled by the women of Ndem as it would allow them to increase income for their families, as well as allow them to work closer to home, increasing the time they have to do other important things and be with their families. The women had already organized as an Economic Interest Group, and the creation of a source of income for the group would allow them to, in the future, create a loan and saving system that would increase purchasing power. With purchasing power would come the ability to meet health and education needs. The project itself involved the renovation of a store and building and the purchasing of processing machines for both peanuts and coffee. The community was able to contribute financially to the maintenance of machines, salaries of those who will do the processing, and unprocessed peanuts, while they contributed to the physical store in kind. All other aspects of the project were covered by the grant including renovation of the room, machinery, safety equipment, and most raw materials. The women of the organization were elated to have this business for themselves that would make a large positive impact on their community.

Project Highlights

  • The community contributed financially to the maintenance of machines, salaries of those who will do the processing, and unprocessed peanuts.

  • The women of the community created an Economic Interest Group prior to the start of this project, which created a source of income to create a loan and saving system to increase purchasing power.

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