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Rehabilitation of Water Pipeline


Site: Kariha, Ngororero



- 2021

Primary sector

project cost

6,100,500 RWF

($6,053.82 USD)

People impacted

700 Directly

100 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

Utilizing Design Thinking, Asset-based Community Development, and Human-centered Design training, Alexandre organized community meetings to understand their priorities for the project. These meetings provided community members with the comfort to truthfully speak their minds and create a project. As it addressed many issues, such as clean water access, school graduation rates, and decreasing water-borne illness rates, the community decided to repair the Nyabihanga-Kariha pipeline. Alexandre then outlined the budget and wrote the proposal. After project approval, he collected the community contribution, hosted working meetings, and bought the project materials, such as stones, grass, sand, and fencing, and hired builders to complete the pipeline rehabilitation.

Project Highlights

  • Water-borne illnesses and school dropout rates have both decreased

  • Now the community has access to cleaner, more accessible water that allows women and children to focus on activities and necessities other than retrieving water.

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