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Sewing and Handcrafts Training Center in Nyejoro Village


Site: Nyejoro Village


May 2022


Primary sector

project cost

4,560,000 RWF

($3,329.96 USD)

People impacted

160 Directly

2,327 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

The project aims to train community members about sewing (tailoring) and making some handcrafts-based products, the main purpose of the project is to provide skills to the community members, and after training of all willing community members, there will be a chance to start business together in the training center and that will be a business part. The project is 90% benefited by community members as well all trainers are community members. The project was identified after discovering the key problems in a community like; the high level of unemployment especially in youth and women, limited technical skills, misuse of available natural resources and need to shape careers that make people earn some income. The project is expected to reduce the number of unemployed people, increase in production of handcrafts products which generate much income in this area, sustained employment to the trainers of our training center, reduction of costs of purchasing clothes as community members and others will no longer have to
take long journeys to the market.

Project Highlights

  • Job Creation. The project aims at capacity building in sewing and handcrafts, community members have got enough skills that can help them in shaping their careers.

  • Moreover, the project sustainability is guaranteed for each community member is committed to improving the project operation.

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