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Tank for Irrigation Water


Site: Angezdam Village, Agundis Valley, Ijoukak Commune, Tahanaout Province


November 2020

- December 2020

Primary sector

project cost

27,808 MAD


People impacted

262 Directly

65 Indirectly

UN Sustainable Development goals

Project Overview

The Angzdem Irrigation and Water Sustainability Project is a vital initiative born from an in-depth needs assessment and close engagement with the local community. In the heart of the Agundis Valley, Angzdem stands as the only village lacking an essential irrigation tank, impacting agricultural productivity significantly. Community leaders have echoed this concern, emphasizing the drastic reduction in water supply, approximately 70%, during the dried summer months due to climate change and low precipitation. As a consequence, nearly 800 trees have perished in the past year, with projections indicating an impending increase. The project’s core proposition is the construction of an irrigation tank to store and preserve water during the summer, complemented by a 200-meter canal for efficient water transportation. This initiative recognizes the dire need for an alternative to the current dependence on underground water for irrigation, enabling the community to harness rainwater earlier in the year, thereby boosting agricultural yields and fostering the growth of the local agricultural sector.
The primary objective of the Angzdem Irrigation and Water Sustainability Project is to address the immediate need for an irrigation tank and associated infrastructure. This endeavor strives to:
Construct an Irrigation Tank: Develop a dedicated irrigation tank to ensure a consistent water supply for year-round agriculture, mitigating the adverse effects of reduced summer water availability.
Canal Construction: Build a 200-meter canal to efficiently channel water from its source to the irrigation tank, optimizing water management.
Economic Empowerment: Promote economic self-sufficiency by increasing agricultural productivity, offering income-generation opportunities, and supporting the local economy.
Community Engagement: Involve the entire community and beneficiaries in all phases of project planning, implementation, and evaluation, fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility.
Community and Regional Impact:The Angzdem Irrigation and Water Sustainability Project extends its benefits not only to the Angzdem village but also to approximately 80% of the Inmenzal community, which relies on the same agricultural resources. This project will revitalize agriculture, support afforestation efforts for reclaimed lands, and provide ample grazing grounds for livestock, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of a significant portion of the local population.

Project Highlights

  • The community contributed 9000 MAD from the total costs of the project.

  • Assessment of the property by the community and the Volunteer.

  • The community took the responsibility of providing labor, which includes tasks such as digging, paving, procuring materials, transporting them, constructing the tank, and creating canals, all under the Volunteer's supervision.