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After The Long Wait…

Written by CorpsAfrica/Kenya Volunteer Mr. Joseph Njuguna

A white Toyota Caldina finally pulled up at the petrol station. While I’ve always been a fan of Toyota cars, from Supras to Land Cruisers, I never thought that seeing a Caldina would fill me with such joy. However, this was the car of my host father, and after waiting for a long time at the Makutano Shell petrol station, it was finally my turn to head to my new family. I won’t lie and say that I was nervous, because the long wait had turned my nervousness into a mix of indescribable feelings. I was ready to do my best as a CorpsAfrica/Kenya Volunteer, and I could only hope that my new family, the Merians from the Thinyaine location, would listen to what I had to say as a nomad boy from the dry land of Kajiado.

The trip to my new home was quiet until I sighed and said, “This place is really beautiful.” Suddenly, the entire car came to life. I had always heard that compliments and flattery could take you anywhere, and boy did it work this time. We arrived at my new home, which was well-protected with lights everywhere. From the concerned look on my host parents’ faces, I knew that the next three weeks would not be rough.

As a guest, I was served a large dish with all my favorite foods, and I instantly knew that this was my family. We had dinner together, and then I was shown my room, which was a very nice one situated near the gate in the far corner of the compound. It was the perfect place for me to meditate and rest as time went by. When it was time to sleep, I felt blessed to have found a place with people who had already opened their doors and hearts to me.

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