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Written by CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer Mr. Hameth Ndoye

Cabrousse, Sénégal
2016- 2017

Good things take time.
Great things take a lot of time.
The best things take the longest time.

It took one month to train in Thies
It took one week to learn “I miss you” in Diola

Three weeks to meet my new family
It took one month to eat something exotic
One month, two weeks to master the communal bowl.
It took two months to learn how to dance in Diola.
Two months, two weeks to be taught
Two months, three weeks to see a cobra
Three months to have a best a best friend
Three months, one week to learn cleaning my clothes
Three months, two weeks to plant a tree
It took four long months to find where I truly belonged and one more month to fall in love with it
It took six months to raise a tree nursery
Six months, two weeks to find a crocodile
It took seven months to explain in Diola
It took seven months to follow a dream …… and Fail………Gracefully
Eight months it took to come to term with saying Good bye

(Guided by a personal insight of the world around, and fueled by a deep sense of purpose and possibility, CorpsAfrica is uniquely prepared to navigate our future and affect vital lasting changes in the face of 21 century challenges.)

Hameth Ndoye
CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer.

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