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Honor to CorpsAfrica Volunteers

Written by CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer Mr. Issa Fall

Of all the experiences a person can have, there is not one that is more rewarding than volunteering. That’s the art for free: heart, gesture, and time; a school that promises all the degrees in the world.

To all of you who have the luck and the courage to taste this wonder, you deserve respect.
To all of you who have left goods and families to make the needs of others your main priority,

You deserve a hundred times to have halos because you are noble.
Praise about you, I would write pages.
With these few lines, I pay tribute to you.

To you my dear fellow Volunteers,

We left family, studies and all comforts to be at the service of our dear country, without expecting anything in return. It is because we are concerned about the future of Mother Africa.

None of us are volunteering because he did not want to be unemployed or had no other choice; No. Even less we did not choose it because we want to travel. Not at all! We all wondered “how could I have an opportunity to serve my country?” and through CorpsAfrica, this common dream has come true.

We were, we are and we will be committed.

From the application to our service, we have always shown that we all want to serve. Despite others judgment that volunteering is a waste of time, we’ve remained firm on the idea that volunteerism is the richest experiences. We believed and lived it.

The distance, the barrier, and the new realities did not shake us from our commitment.

The heat at Netoubou did not make Bamba Diop flee to regain his native Pikine next to his wife and his son. Rather, it is a commitment that we read on his facial features, and like all of us, his primary challenge is to positively impact on his site.

Indeed, impacting, beyond being a mission, has become a personal challenge for each of us.

Already four (4) months that we swore before the authorities to worthily serve our country. Four (4) months as we stepped out of our comfort zones to bustle, meet and learn with our new families. Stress, fear, etc. were natural feelings we experienced at some point before joining our sites. It was guessed and discussed in our regular exchanges. But as soon as the feeling of commitment resurfaces, all these other feelings fade.

I remember the sadness on Adji Anta Diop Gaye’s face when she realized that she got to leave her comfort of Dakaroise to blend in the warmth of Matam and, now 4 months that her actions, her interventions will always be gratified by the Agnamois and Wolrd Food Program (WFP). Her henhouse, her philosophical courses amply testify.

Despite the hesitations, the site change and marital status, sanitary napkins crafted by Helena Adjia Aw commonly called Badiane by the Cohort, will remain forever engraved in the hearts and minds of people of Orkadieré. Just to say that our level of commitment has overcome and will overcome any obstacles.

I believe in all of you, your courage, because I know it’s not a shooting in Malem Hodar who will make Christine Kine Sarr flee. Despite family pressures, she decided to stay and develop compassion with her community.

Neither, bush fire in Darou Dimbelane will be able to shake Leon Gomis Refusing to shut himself in his room, this volunteer who considered himself a full-fledged resident of the village merged to save his village.

Ndawa Thioune, claiming yourself Ndomboloise, you knew how to put your experiences in scouting in the service of your community. You mobilized young people who were scattered, organized formerly disorganized women through groups and associations. With all this human capital, you showed them that only unity is strength.

“Reviving children” by finding them birth certificates long neglected by their parent made you Khady Mbaye, the Baroness of Nemanding and, you’ve become one of them. I was there when “your women” (as you like to call them) danced and sang in your honor.

Maka Mbaye- Clean Earth. This is the concept that you have developed in each of the inhabitants of this village Mansour, an imperial work that you are doing there Mansour. Your commitment is flawless and can give hope to an entire continent.

The population of Gueum Yallah really thanked Volunteer Anna Sene Faye. As an Eyewitness of the facts, I saw that these ladies were delighted by the interventions and training of Anna, including soap and bleach.

The bravery and flawless commitment of refugees from Kedougou have surprised some.

Even arousing the pity of others, Abdoulaye Diallo and Bademba Mame Samba Sow you have shown us that volunteering have no taste or choice if not commitment. You always sing “Volunteers never tired.”

Magatte Top despite the reluctance, internal conflicts and especially certain religious requirements including the dress wear, you have adapted to all these situations to highlight your desire to fulfill your service. You have mobilized and organized people of different convergences around a common ideal.

Amy Diop, you have forever marked the spirits of the children of Keur Ousmane by having them take part in the national parade of April 4th. You’ve shown these young people and the inhabitants that nothing equals the love we have for our country.

Aliou Sene, the inhabitants of Birkama cannot thank you enough for your contribution to their children’s education. It is with the wisdom that we know you that you nicely put yourself at the service of your community. You’re Imam.

Francis Bidiar, the friend of Selety’s women. These have accepted you as a son of the village because you showed them local and sustainable development, and they saw it in you. Young people will also thank you for the matches you have participated in. Your Christian confession did not prevent you from participating in the restoration activities of the village mosque. Only a volunteer has that gift.

Abdou Coly, the man of Passy Ngueyenne. Abdou Coly in the fields work, Abdou Coly in search of wood, Abdou Coly in schools, you’re everywhere Brother. You knew to mark your territory and your project’s prospects already testify to it.

Gass Ndiaye, the lady of Ndiayenne Khaly. You too, your marital status and certain conditions did not make you back in your desire to serve. A rich background that you put at the disposal of your community.

Justine Sambou, the lady of Nguick Fall. You accepted to be called Awa to just facilitate your integration in this Muslim community. Difficult for Diola to separate from his “etodjieh” but you did by agreeing to eat “mothiaat (lol)”. Just to show how much we are committed to serving.

Actually, you all inspired me, dear volunteers. And each of you I see the development, I see the commitment and especially Africa of tomorrow. You are all exceptional and I know that after this service, we will all come together at the top to draw pictures in the development of the country.

To all the alumni, our predecessors I say,
“Merit belongs to the one who begins even if the next one does better.”

Success awaits us all.
The respect you deserve.

Issa Fall CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer, Group 3

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