If Only Wishes Were Horses

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Lessenia Chikho

From the treasures of life
I borrowed a few days
To live a life my way
Some I spent weaving wishes
The rest in anticipation
I squandered away

I have lived the untried life
Walked in the glories of the follies
Took the chance by the palm of my hand
But crashed! In pieces it lay on the floor

I have drunk from the cup of wisdom
Only to become more ignorant
Clung to feed on what gnaws away my pride
I have ventured to fly free like a bird
But grew my roots into the ground

If only wishes were horses, I would ride
To free to a far free fort
Where no one lives for one alone
A utopian world
Where albinism is not fatal
But creation of nature to be embraced

If only wishes were horses, I would ride
To take me where there is nowhere to run or hide
For crime finds no home
Corruption is out of the norm
Without a king but still a safe dome
For all to dwell and call it home

If only wishes were horses, I would ride them
From my dreams to reality
Like beggars on the street
Wishing for nothing but food in their stomach
Food not for the stomach but the mind
To ponder fast forward and rewind
And bring all these atrocities to a demise

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